About Us:
Conceived from the idea that skateboarding and snowboarding are defined by personal style and originality, Martini Skate and Snow opened as a venue to support the connection of skateboarding and snowboarding to the aesthetic of streetwear style and culture.
Specialists in skateboard and snowboard hard goods and outerwear, Martini Skate and Snow also features exclusive clothing and sneaker brands that are core to the cultures we represent.  A fusion of form and functionality, Martini’s selection is a culmination of core brands driven by people who skate and ride. Not only does Martini offer the best in core skateboard and snowboard brands, the shop also specializes in premium apparel, footwear and accessory brands.
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So what’s in a name?  In ancient Latvia, “Martini” was the name of a celebration for the end of the preparations for winter, such as salting meat and fish, storing the harvest, and making preserves. The Martini festival also marked the beginning of masquerading and sledding, among other winter activities. 

Our location:

Martini Skate and Snow
1593 Main St
Peninsula, OH  44264
330.655.0155 and toll free 877.717.0779